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„Berlin Album“ 2003-2006
Mixed media: acrylic on cardboard, collage, color photograph
70 x 90 cm

The Berlin Album is a strongly biographically shaped series of 10 works. One work stands for each year the artist has lived in Berlin (1996-2006). The collages of color photos and acrylic painting are combined with a very wide range of materials, like glass beads, metal, artificial hair, artificial flowers, mirrors, and lace. Koneva’s play with the chain of associations of her own “life journey” is a declaration of love for Berlin, the city of her present life. It begins with her arrival at Anhalter Train Station, the discovery of a new space of life and the city Berlin with love, marriage, work, everyday life, and child. It ends with the composition “10 Years in Berlin”, consisting of a map of the city and a composition with 10-cent coins. Each composition contains a reference to Berlin’s landmarks. The life stations and buildings anchored in personal and collective consciousness are the levels for fielding ambiguity, wit, self-irony, and joie de vivre.