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„Battle of Toygeneration“ 2010,
Cast concrete, spray paint, 52 x 160 x 3 cm
Edition of 4: Pink, Green, White, not processed cast concrete

These reliefs recall the Pergamon Altar’s Gigantomachy, the battle of the Titans against the Olympian Gods. These metaphors, which already stood for the struggle of the principle of the good and just, function in the field of tension between order and chaos. But war has become a purely technical problem; no political or moral problem is recognizable anymore. In the age of technical simulation, war has achieved a degree of precision in the categories of time and space that eludes control by the human perceptual apparatus.
Koneva’s depiction of order and chaos has landed in the child’s playroom as a war against electronic toys. The old values have been replaced, and robots take power from the Barbie dolls and teddy bears. The toy wages constant war against the affluent society.