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"Retablos", 1997-2009,
Altarpieces / Box objects, mixed media

Retablos Alexandra Koneva’s objects, whose coloration and clarity dominates, are arranged as a triptych, like a folding altarpiece. With a central and two side panels, they recall Christian art, and the images’ resemblance to a Madonna makes them especially reminiscent of pictures of Maria. But they depict everyday situations in which all of us can find ourselves. With élan and meticulousness in their composition, assembly, and cropping, these brightly colored, plastic, and humorously composed Retablos (the name for a kind of Mexican folk art made known by Frida Kahlo) take us away to a world that combines fairytales and religion, everyday life and dreams in an intoxicating mixture. A world of dreams in which God acts as a Sugar Daddy and Santa Politessa watches over traffic.
In her altarpieces, Koneva uses everything she values, from her child and husband to her favorite chewing gum. (What could be behind the next folding panel?)